Five Activities for Preschoolers during Lockdown.

Recycled robots? Can’t get the recycling done because the recycling centre is closed? How about using it to create robots or animals with your youngsters. Egg cartons make a good body for a crocodile, and robots can be crafted with boxes and containers of all shapes and sizes, plus you can use bottle tops and lids for eyes and hats. Coupled with a bit of sticky tape, glue or a stapler, let their imagination run wild.


  • Baking – yes this can be a messy but very fun activity for youngsters. Go for a recipe that gives kids the opportunity to try stirring, grating, crushing things in their fingers, kneading, mashing etc. A Weetbix slice recipe is ideal. And they will have sorted morning tea in the process!


  • Playdough – yes it’s an oldie but a goody! What you can make with playdough is endless! Think snowmen, caterpillars, sailing boats and much much more! Also, throw in some interesting utensils for children to use in their crafting of the dough. From forks to bottle tops, nearly anything can make an interesting pattern or shape. You can find heaps of easy playdough recipes on Google and most will last for up to three months if stored in an airtight container.


  • Take a bath! Most kids love the bath so why not try a lunchtime soak? Put some bubble mix in and some toys and let them enjoy. Try throwing in toys such as the Lego – they can play with it while it is getting a good clean!


  • Make huts – either outside or inside. Inside pull the couches together and get the blankets out and give them a torch. Outside get tarpaulin and tie it to the house or deck so they can get underneath.

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