How to keep your kids safe during Holi celebration?


Holi has got to be the most enthusiastically celebrated festival in India, and probably in the world too! Holi is celebrated on the full moon day of the Phalgun month, which heralds the end of the cold weather and the beginning of spring.

A child’s skin is very sensitive. You should buy only natural and organic colours for your children. If your child feels any kind of irritation after using colours then you must stop your child from using those colours. You can also prepare natural homemade colours before the festival using petals of flowers which will not have any harmful effect.

  1. Use chemical-free Holi colours

Chemical Holi colours can harm your child’s skin. To keep your kids safe, you can get them to make natural colours at home or buy herbal colours for playing.

  1. Apply oil or cream before playing

Before stepping out to play Holi, make sure your child applies mustard or coconut oil or cream all over the body and face, especially the exposed areas. This will help remove the colours easily.

  1. Avoid Using Water Balloons: They are totally fun to play with, but extremely dangerous if thrown on the person. They can cause eye, skin and ear injuries. Children should better use Pichkaaris instead of using these water balloons.
  2. Wear the right clothes and use sunglasses: Make sure your child dresses appropriately, wearing full-sleeved clothes and long pants to prevent any damage to the skin. Also, it’s advisable to wear glasses so the harmful colours don’t affect their eyes.
  3. Keep a check on your toddler: While playing Holi it’s crucial to keep an eye on your child as he/ she does not play Holi with any stranger. It is good if you play Holi with your kids at the nearby place from your residence.


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