Importance of giving your child freedom of choice


Slowing down and having the child make a choice is imperative for attention, learning and overall communication.

At Springville, our goal is to provide a structured curriculum and a positive environment which is designed to help our little learners to create and build their connection with themselves and others, to discover new things and learn the important fundamentals that’ll give them an edge when they enter school. This is done in an environment where independence is a vital part of the whole preschool structure.

We often see parents offer one item to the child:  “Do you want a granola bar?” not wait for the child to gesture or say yes or no then immediately give the child the granola bar.

When a child is offered two items (“Do you want the granola bar or the banana?”) while the items are in plain view, many concepts are being learned by your child.  First, they are able to link the words you are using to an item which teaches them vocabulary.  The wait time between being offered the items then making choice, holds their attention for a small amount of time teaching the concept of waiting for items (which comes in handy later in life and all across life).  Then if the child is able to vocalize, he or she can practice using speech to make a choice (even if it is not perfect and they’re only able to say ‘ba’ for banana-it’s still an attempt at speech).  If they cannot speak or vocalize yet, pointing to the preferred item or signing for it are great ways to continue the communication.

Once the child makes their choice, saying it over again is a great way to continue to expose the child to a new vocabulary word or concept.  “Do you want a banana?  Yum, bananas are so yummy.  They are sweet and yellow.”  This expansion further defines what a banana is and is not to a child and gives them more words to associate with a banana and further expand their vocabulary.

Good choices for children

A good way to start giving children choices is to select two or three things and let the child choose from them.

These choices are easy to allow children to make:

“Which book would you like to look at?”

“Do you want to use a blanket during nap time?”

“Would you like to use crayons or paint today?”

“Would you like a peanut butter sandwich or a cheese sandwich?”

Give only choices that you can agree to.

A key rule to remember is to give only choices that you can agree to. Some adults say things like, “Do you want to eat lunch now?” or “Do you want to go take a nap?” Do children really have a choice? What if the child says, “No, I want to play.” These are times when choices shouldn’t be given. Offer choices only when the child will truly be allowed to choose.

Giving children choices helps them feel like they have some control over their lives.

Springville Preschool the best preschool in Ahmedabad is a unique preschool chain managed by a team of highly qualified, dedicated and experienced educationists and professionals who have taken initiative to make Springville a dream place for little wonders. We believe that children need a safe, clean and hygienic environment in which they can grow and learn. Our core objectives at Springville are to focus on the holistic development of children, to share the responsibilities of parents, to prepare kids for formal education and to contribute to the development of society.


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