Proven Benefits of Daycare for the Early Years of Your Child.

Early childhood education aims to develop the mental, moral, physical and emotional skills of a child. Daycares try to connect children’s development with their natural environment and build strong relationships through active learning and social activities.

Early childhood is the time when more physical and developmental changes occur than during any other stage of the life cycle, it is essential to ensure that your child is in the best possible environment to optimise their development.

  1. Daycare prepares kids for school.

Sooner or later, your little one will have to leave the nest for school. If they’ve already been going to daycare for a while by the time preschool or kindergarten rolls around, the transition of leaving home for the day will be easier.

Not only that but children who attended daycare perform better when they get to school.

  1. Daycare makes kids better communicators.

Daycare offers a great opportunity for your kids to socialize at a young age, and in turn, it can help them learn communication skills as well. Daycares provide your child with a comfortable, secure, valued, appreciated, stimulated environment thus developing his communication skills.

3. Kids in daycare are more likely to go on to earn college degrees.

A study at North Carolina found that adults who had been enrolled as infants in a high-quality childcare program were four times more likely to have earned a college degree, and were also more likely to remain consistently employed.

  1. Daycare helps reduce infections later on.

While it may seem like kids constantly pick up bugs while in daycare, those kids will get a reprieve later in life. When kids start to interact in a social environment like that of a daycare they also develop the immunity to withstand any infections in their later lives.

  1. Daycare may help kids try healthier foods.

A variety of foods such as vegetables, fruits, cereals, lean meat, fish, chicken, milk, yoghurts and cheeses should be provided to children in care, including a range of textures and tastes, appropriate to the developmental stages of different age groups.

Children are also encouraged to drink water and milk throughout the day. Other sweet drinks such as juices and cordials are not necessary.

We at Springville Preschool believe that daycare environment will support your child in learning how to form positive and trusting relationships, acquire balance and coordination, as well as how to manage stress, challenging situations and risks by providing indoor and outdoor areas where your child is able to take calculated risks and engage in realistic play experiences with their peers.

At Springville our goal is to provide a structured curriculum and a positive environment which is designed to help our little learners to create and build their connection with themselves and others, to discover new things and learn the important fundamentals that’ll give them an edge when they enter school. All of this is done in an environment that doesn’t make learning seem like a chore after all learning can’t be force-fed. We are open to the unique perspective and point of view of parents and other important caregivers in the lives of the children, so we aim to team up with parents to make a generation emerge from our school, as people who know their identity and purpose in life, and share freedom, hope and love with our community, nation and the world. We will apply our unceasing efforts to help the young children in our care to realize themselves so that they can create a wonderful tomorrow.


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