Tips to survive the Lockdown for working parents.

With days passing by in the Lockdown, surviving it has and continues to become a complicated task. In any given day, there are three million questions to be answered, 6,328 rows to break up, 102 snacks a day to provide and one restriction-complying walk to fit in. With working from home among all this and adding in homeschooling along with the usual day-to-day monotonous but necessary daily chores to complete and there’s not much time left over for anything else.

This is the new normal for all of us and for those having children is a greater one to accomplish. At Springville Preschool we believe that establishing a set routine can be really helpful. Here are a few tips to help you know how to survive this Lockdown with children:

  1. Make a clear Schedule. For those of us who are still expected to work, who are lucky enough to have kept our jobs, there is a juggle. Make a clear schedule, so that both your children and your workplace know when you will be available. Don’t try to do them both at the same time; because it means that you’re not fully present in either. Structure your times when you are working. And then actually give the kids your full attention – be with them mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally.


  1. Restrict Screen Time. Children under two shouldn’t be looking at screens at all, and children under seven don’t benefit from looking at screens. For the kids older than that, they should have an imposed two hours, device free time in one block. Research suggests that this takes them out of the risk group for anxiety and depression. Set times and time limits for video calls with friends and


  1. Playing simple mindful games that involve the senses is a way to keep children busy, while also helping them feel more relaxed, bringing their attention back to the present moment and counteracting the body’s fight or flight mechanism.


  1. Encourage children to practice meditation and mindfulness as a way to combat stress and anxiety during these challenging times of school closures and lockdown. Learn various breathing and sensory activities and other mindfulness techniques to better manage relatable, everyday scenarios.


  1. Be Positive. You’re not the only one struggling. This new situation is a very tough one for parents of young children, and this might drive us crazy, especially as we don’t know how long this will take. On the contrary, we could just decide to see the half full glass. A lot of people around us are losing their jobs these days, the ability to work online from home and being able to provide our families is something to be grateful for.

And one other tip – don’t stress about filling every moment of their day. And don’t stress if they do end up watching a bit more T.V or playing computer games. This is a tricky time for all of us, and it’s all about balance, right?

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