Ways of teaching kids at home during Lockdown

Learning at home is quite different from learning at school. It requires us to reorient how we think about learning in general, and how we approach the process with our children – maybe even with ourselves, too. Historically, education has been the province of parents. But the question of how kids spend their time, and learn, and grow, is one to which society as a whole should pay more substantive attention, instead of leaving it to the professional advocates and their tired debates about charter schools, unions and uniforms.
Education in schools today is mostly treated as the acquisition of facts and techniques. That’s what schools test for, after all. However, bare facts and techniques aren’t what deeply shape most people when they are students, nor later, in their work careers. Beyond basic literacy and numeracy, the most decisive learning comes from what kids see their parents, elders and friends doing, day in and day out.
The biggest challenge for working parents is learning to switch between two different mindsets – work mode and parent mode – and now that so many parents are working from home, learning to switch seamlessly between them is even more essential. When we’re in work mode, we tend to be very goal focused and task oriented. Doing well at work means sticking to schedules, getting through tasks efficiently, focusing on outcomes and always keeping up the pace.
Playfulness is an essential ingredient in happy families. Children and adults need it. If you take the playfulness out of parenting, all you’re left with is drudgery. Playfulness isn’t the same as doing lots of activities. Cajoling a herd of children in and out of the car to ballet rehearsals and football matches when lockdown is over doesn’t add up to a fun family life. Similarly, while we might be stuck indoors a bit more at the moment, a bit of silliness is good for everyone. Playfulness is the pixie dust that makes our lives feel lighter. It fuels children’s development, makes parenting enjoyable, strengthens family bonds and boosts everyone’s wellbeing.
Positive Parenting is the key to successful learning which will lead to various benefits for your children:
• create a good relationship with your child by showing love and affection
• emphasise all the things that please you about your child
• be a good example – your children will take their lead from what you do
• praise the behaviour you want to see in your children
• listen to your child’s views and negotiate solutions to problems together
• avoid harsh punishments like shouting excessively
• have clear limits that are fair and age appropriate, expressing your wishes in a way that shows you mean what you say.

Our professional Day care programs allows you to meet your professional goals at the same time enjoy your parenthood, a win-win situation. Here your child will be involved in various easy-to-learn, fun activities that help in the complete development of their mind and body. You can focus on your professional responsibilities and be assured of the fact that your little one is in a loving and secure atmosphere, much like the one you create for him/her at home. Springville is a place where we not only help children grow by holding their hand,but also by encouraging them to walk and eventually fly on their own.

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