Springville Preschool's Co-Founder Mr. Ajay Kumar Dube's interview with Elets News Network(ENN).

September 2019 Edition.

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At Springville our goal is to provide a structured curriculum and a positive environment which is designed to help our little learners create art, build their connection with themselves and others, discover new things and learn the important fundamentals that’ll give them an edge when they enter school. All of this is done is an environment that doesn’t make learning seem like a chore, after all learning can’t be force-fed. We are open to the unique perspective and point of view of parents and other important caregivers in the lives of the children, so we aim to team up with parents to make a generation emerge from our school, as people who know their identity and purpose in life, and share freedom, hope and love to our community, nation and the world. We will apply our unceasing efforts to help the young children in our care today, to realise themselves, so that they can create a wonderful tomorrow.

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